Kim Jong-Un's First Grade Field Trip


"My treasurer said if I behaved on the trip i could get this guitar..."

"I didn't get the guitar."

"Today we went to a bread factory, and I learned how bread was made!"

"I got to try a piece!"

"After the bread factory, I went to the bread warehouse."

"There is a whole lot of bread here, maybe even a hundred pieces!"

"My adviser took me to an airplane today! I got to sit in the cockpit!"

"I wasn't allowed to fly though"

"I fell on my wrist today, and we had to go to the hospital."

"I thought it was sprained, but it was only bruised"

"This is my room, I picked out the color all by myself!"
"This weekend, my military adviser took me to Korean Disney world!"
"We got to see the ponies today!"

"I even got to ride one, I named him cookie!"

"After the ponies, i saw two scary sharks!"

"I got to feed a fish to them!"

"We got to see how computers are made today!"

"They even gave me a free pen!"

Kim Jong-Un: "What is this stuff?"

Worker: "Is paint, no touch"

Kim Jong-Un: "Can I eat it?"

Worker: "No. No touch"

Kim Jong-Un: "Wow. It looks so gooey!"

"My adviser said this is the oldest wall in the country!"

"I touched a piece of history!"

"We got to go in the woods today"

"I planted my very own tree! His name is George!"

"I got to stay in a hotel!"

"I wasn't allowed to jump on the bed though"

Kim Jong-Un: "What does that machine do?"

Worker: "Is bomb. Blow up people"

Kim Jong-Un: "Oh. My mommy said I'm not allowed to play with bombs."